Production line

In recent years, with the slowdown of traditional industrial growth, the production costs of traditional manufacturing enterprises have remained high, and the problems of low efficiency and insufficient innovation ability have become increasingly prominent. We have seized the opportunity for the development of intelligent manufacturing and have built and are currently constructing multiple automated production lines that can support flexible production, promoting the rapid transformation of enterprises into intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

SMT production line
The SMT workshop has invested 50 million RMB and currently has 9 production lines built and planned within the 100000 level dust-free and anti-static workshop. Introducing the most advanced equipment from abroad, such as DEK solder paste printing machine, KOH YOU 3D SPI, YAMAHA high-speed multifunctional SMT machine, ERSA nitrogen protection reflow soldering, VISCOM 3D AOI, etc., has created an intelligent automated production line. Online use of software such as P-Tool, M-Tool, S-Tool IT System for program editing, data import, process monitoring, process error prevention, etc., connected with laser marking lines, and able to perform QR code traceability for individual products. A single hour production capacity of 700000 pieces, meeting the high flexibility of small batch and multi variety rapid line changing production.
Electronic water pump automatic production line
Jianke has invested a large amount of funds and introduced the latest foreign equipment to build two automatic production lines for electronic water pumps. This meets the requirements of large-scale, multi variety, and highly flexible production with fast line changing. It is equipped with industrial Internet and MES data analysis electronic billboard. It organically combines automation and digitalization to make production networked, transparent and paperless, realize real-time, accurate and comprehensive collection of production site data, build the foundation of production information management, and greatly improve production and management efficiency.
1. Extremely high production efficiency;
2. Flexible automated production, compatible with multiple products
3. Accurate traceability of key process parameters and traceability of materials to batches;
4. The production process of the entire process is stable, and the consistency of the products is very high;
5. AGV car automatic handling, six axis robot loading and unloading, automated assembly process;
6. Better utilization of resources and automation of tedious tasks can improve accuracy and the enthusiasm of testers, freeing testing technicians from the need to invest more energy in design. Some tests are not suitable for automated testing, but only for manual testing. By automating tests that can be automated, testers can focus on the manual testing part and improve the efficiency of manual testing.
PCBA electrical testing+
Coating automatic line
PCBA electrical performance testing+coating automatic line, mainly constructed by EPSON robot, Zhongshi coating dispensing system, and high-precision temperature controlled curing furnace. Through the MES system, instructions are sent to the industrial control system of the production line, automatically switching work programs and quickly changing types (< 5 minutes). Through deep data interaction between the upper and lower process systems, the entire production process is monitored and warned, and presented in real-time through electronic dashboards. Real time production information can be viewed through cloud services. Its highly flexible design has been expanded to meet the production of 200 products, with a single hour production capacity of 2400pcs.
Automotive sensors
Flexible production line

The automotive transmission sensor production line is a highly flexible production line independently designed and developed by Jianke, mainly producing automotive DG and PG sensors. Equipped with advanced industry equipment such as an 8-channel winding machine, Zhongshi online vacuum double liquid dispensing system, and online electrical performance sequencer, with a 6-second working rhythm.

Automotive power distributor module
Flexible automatic production line

The flexible automated return production line for the ignition module of the automotive distributor, with a total length of 60 meters. It is mainly composed of 6 three-axis robots, 1 6-axis Yamaha robot, 1 reflow soldering, 2 curing furnaces, Zhongshi glue filling system, and multi process automatic equipment, equipped with a perspective recognition system. The production capacity beat is 6 seconds.

By integrating with the MES system, the production process is automatically switched between work programs and monitored through deep data exchange in the background after issuing production instructions, and production status information is presented on an electronic dashboard.

Semiconductor module production line

K-level dust-free and anti-static workshop, introducing multiple sets of globally leading manufacturing and testing equipment, with advanced semiconductor manufacturing capabilities such as Die Bond and Wire Bond. The hourly production capacity is 800-1200 pcs of semi-finished products.

Six variable frequency plastic packaging machines are prepared for the post packaging process of semiconductors. Currently, there are 12 types of packaging molds, which can produce 4800pcs per hour.

Production line for automotive micro motor controllers

The main equipment of the automobile micro motor controller production line includes Routing splitter, ERSA nitrogen protection selective wave soldering, through-hole reflow soldering, UV adhesive coating automatic line, self-developed electrical performance testing platform, etc.

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