We provide system solutions for digitalization, automation, and intelligent factories, covering multiple dimensions such as process planning, logistics transportation, quality inspection, on-site management, and operational analysis, from solution design to integrated development, engineering implementation, and after-sales service, focusing on automation equipment, digital production lines, and lean processes. These solutions can meet the customer's requirements for processability, flexibility, and digital integration. At the same time, in the four automation dimensions of process, logistics, auxiliary integration, and detection, we extensively explore and apply key cutting-edge technologies such as collaborative robots, AGVs, unmanned warehouses, RFID, visual inspection, facial recognition, etc., to further enhance the level of equipment technology, flexibility, and automation in the future. We have been deeply involved in the field of lean management for a long time. Through our accumulated rich lean production practices and professional talent team, we can provide customers with professional lean consulting on job combinations, production line layout, advanced scheduling, and other aspects. By creating highly flexible, automated, and efficient production lines and manufacturing systems, we can enhance the flexibility and stability of the manufacturing process and help customers enhance their core competitiveness.

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